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Timewise Systems

We were commissioned to design the new Timewise Systems identity as part of Heavey RF’s rebrand and repositioning. Ambitious to develop their business, Timewise Systems are actively building capacity, refining their offering, and expanding their market presence across borders.

To support this work, we were commissioned to undertake a review of their brand and positioning in the marketplace, gaining information and insight from influencers external to the firm, and to develop a brand that is compelling and distinctive. The overall goal of the project was to elevate the Timewise brand and to bring it to life through the creation of a new brand identity and suite of visual communication materials.


We Delivered…
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy by Islandbridge
Brand Architecture
Logo Design
Typography System
Brand Guidelines
Design for Print
Website (build by iPLANiT)
Apparel and Promotional
Brand Guardianship

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