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Hanna Hats Print Design ireland
Hanna Hats HH Logo Design
Hanna Hats Brand Design ireland
Hanna Hats Packaging Design Ireland
Hanna Hats Brand Design ireland
Hanna Hats Brand Design ireland
Hanna Hats Brand Design ireland
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Hanna Hats Packaging Design ireland
Hanna Hats Brand Design ireland

Hanna Hats

As a 3rd generation family business, Hanna Hats had a fine tradition for craftsmanship and delivering on their promise of excellence. Having originally specialised in the design and manufacture of quality Donegal tweed hats, the company had recently repositioned towards a wider product collection, and selling online to clients both in Ireland and Worldwide.

To reflect this pivot, the brand needed to be reinvigorated with a more premium feel. We were tasked to refresh the company’s brand identity to reflect the quality and variety of their hats and the uniqueness of their Donegal origins.

The new identity has been designed to communicate a balance between old and new, heritage and modernity. Some things about Hanna Hats are evolving, and others – like our commitment to exceptional quality and craft – will always stay the same. We decided to embrace this inherent tension by taking the idea of a ‘high contrast’ approach for the new Hanna Hats identity.

We combined an elegant HH mark with a needle, highlighting the history of tailoring behind the brand, and drawing on a colour palette inspired by the Donegal landscape as we visualised the identity across various touchpoints.

We delivered a new brand strategy and brand identity that repositions Hanna Hats as a high quality unique manufacturer using the highest quality materials. We managed the development of the new Hanna Hats brand and messaging across all the business operations.

We moved Hanna Hats communications from a product-based orientation to become a more eritage-led and customer-focused brand.


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