A graphic design system, also known as a design system or a style guide, is a collection of guidelines, rules, and standards that define the visual and design elements of a brand or product. It serves as a reference for designers, developers, and other stakeholders to maintain consistency in the design and branding of a product.

A graphic design system typically includes guidelines for the use of colours, typography, layout, icons, imagery, and other visual elements. It also includes information about the brand’s tone of voice, messaging, and overall style. Additionally, it may include templates, assets, and other resources that designers can use to create new designs that are consistent with the brand’s style.

The purpose of a graphic design system is to ensure that all design elements are cohesive, recognisable, and reinforce the brand’s identity. By following the guidelines in the design system, designers can create consistent and effective designs that communicate the brand’s message and values to its audience.

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