Pepsi has unveiled it’s visual identity, including a change of logo.

Time flies, their current design is 15 years old.

The logo and visual identity leans heavily on the brand’s 125 year history, and it’s previous heritage logos. The design has a retro feel, nodding back to its logos from the 70s, 80s and 90s, which also featured the Pepsi brand name in a bold typeface nestled inside the red and blue Pepsi yin and yang design.

The new Pepsi visual identity will start to appear in the United States in autumn this year, to celebrate Pepsi’s 125th anniversary. And we should see the refreshed packaging and logo over here next year.

So. What do we think?

We like it. It takes the essence of a number of the great past Pepsi logos and re-works them to appeal in both packaging and digital applications. A great case of heritage with a contemporary edge. But still 100% Pepsi.

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