15 Years on…

Our dream was to do things just a little bit differently. The Irish countryside, an economic downturn, big changes. What were the odds?

But dreams pay no attention to the odds when backed by passion and ideas, creativity and persistence. Dreams move us forward. Now here we are 15 years later, wonderful clients, outstanding work and amazing feedback – and still dreaming.

We took our clients’ challenges and made them our own. Creating innovative design solutions that allow their brand to grow and thrive.

Thank you. We won’t stop dreaming.

brand & design

Crilly & Wardell are a professional brand and communications agency, based in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

From established companies to ambitious startups, we partner with clients across sectors and industries delivering specialist brand consultancy, brand design services and strategic communications expertise.

We believe in building

Exceptional Brands

Core Creative Services

Brand Identity

As brand designers we give each brand, company or individual their unique place in this world.

Web Design

Your brand strategy taken online to create a more immersive and consistent experience.

Packaging Design

Our creative packaging design brings brands to life in innovative, immediate and engaging ways.


Environmental design is the living breathing experience of a brand. A sensory, immersive identity that surrounds us and becomes part of our environment.


Design for Print

The core of any brand’s visual and graphic communication strategy.

UI/UX Design

The user experience creative agency that adds value to digital brands and services.

We believe in bringing

Ideas to Life

specialist brand consultancy

We are a boutique design studio providing branding and graphic design expertise to help you stand out from everyone else and perform better in business.

We can help you attract new business and retain existing customers, by creating want and desire for your products and services.

Brand Identity

Identity is a company or brand’s most defining visual expression. It is an opportunity for us as designers to visualise their essence, to create an unmistakable mark and tell their unique story.

As brand designers we give each brand, company or individual their unique place in this world.

Brand Design

A brand is much more than a product or service – a brand is a promise.

As a society we fall in love with brands, we trust them, we develop strong loyalties to them, we buy them, and believe in their superiority. 

Simplicity beats complexity. Every time.


Creative Designers

+ Creative Projects

Let’s get creative!

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We love to talk, and are always interested to learn about how we can contribute to ensuring your brand achieves it’s full potential.


This could be the start of something wonderful…

We work with clients throughout Ireland, Europe and globally from our wonderful Kildare studio.